The Christian Life

Number Hymn Name Author
773A debtor to mercy aloneAugustus M Toplady 1740-78
713A mind at perfect peace with GodCatesby Paget
774A sovereign protector I haveAugustus M Toplady 1740-78
1134A voice of love is callingEmma Turl
905Abide with me, fast falls the eventideHenry F Lyte 1793-1847
892Ahead of us, a race to runMartin E Leckebusch
836All for Jesus, all for JesusWilliam J Sparrow-Simpson…
723All I once held dear, built my life uponGraham Kendrick
724All my days I will sing this song of gladnessStuart Townend
775All my hope on God is foundedRobert Bridges 1844-1930…
869All the way my Saviour leads meFrances J Van Alstyne…
1024Almighty God we come to make confessionChristopher Ellis
823Almighty Lord most high, draw nearTimothy Dudley-Smith
755Alone with none but you, my GodAttributed to Columba…
772Amazing grace-how sweet the soundJohn Newton 1725-1807
776And can it be that I should gainCharles Wesley 1707-88
1206Are you there when life is darkenedMartin E Leckebusch
746As water to the thirstyTimothy Dudley-Smith
898Awake, my soul, and riseWilliam Williams 1717-91
757Be still and know that I am GodAnon.
754Be still, my soul: The Lord is on your sideCatharina A D Von Schlegel b.…
875Begone, unbelief!John Newton 1725-1807
780Behold the amazing gift of loveScottish Paraphrases 1781,…
727Beyond all knowledge is your love divineMary Shekleton 1827-83
807Blessed are the humble souls we seeBased on Isaac Watts…
806Blessed are the pure in heartJohn Keble 1792-1866 and…
783Blessed be the everlasting GodIsaac Watts 1674-1748
1256By faith we see the hand of GodKeith and Kristyn Getty and…
1199Can a sinner like me standSimon Sadler
1115Can I trust that God has made meNorman Phillips
893Cast your burden on the LordRowland Hill 1744-1833
1107Christ is my Shepherd-KingEmma Turl
1286Christ the sure and steady anchorMatt Boswell and Matt Papa
1018Christ, in very nature GodHilary Green
882Christian soldiers in the fightMartin E Leckebusch
886Christian soldiers, onward goHenry Kirke White…
881Christian, do you see themGreek 6th or 7th…
880Christian, seek not yet reposeCharlotte Elliott 1789-1871
1085Come and listen to the songJames Young
894Come, O fount of every blessingRobert Robinson 1735-90
712Come, see, the winter is pastStephanie Monaghan
1196Come, stranger-God: reveal to usMartin E Leckebusch
794Come, we that love the LordIsaac Watts 1674-1748
1135Creator of the universeDavid Field
1142Day and night I cry to youMartin E Leckebusch
822Depth of mercy! Can there beCharles Wesley 1707-88
1235Draw me close to the crossGeoff Roberts and Judith…
1065Easter GardenStanley Ablewhite
1266Fade, fade each earthly joyOriginal words: Catherine J…
1168Faith is not merely the songs that we singMartin E Leckebusch
870Father, although I cannot seeJohn Eddison 1916 –…
837Father, Holy Spirit, SonCharles Wesley 1707-88
1239Father, you know the wayEmma Turl
883Fight the good fight with all your mightJ S B Monsell 1811-75
838Fill all my life, O Lord my GodHoratius Bonar 1808-89
1288For mistakes we can’t forgetGlen Scrivener and Phil Moore
1265For the cause of Christ the KingStuart Townend, Keith &…
824Forgive our sins as we forgiveRosamond Herklots 1905-87
1207Forgive us when our deeds ignoreMartin E Leckebusch
747Freedom and life are oursChristopher Idle
825From a life of wearinessEmma Turl
1222Give me one pure and holy passionMark Altrogge
1019Give thanks to God and honour thoseTimothy Dudley-Smith
855Go, labour on; spend and be spentHoratius Bonar 1808-89
839God be in my headSalisbury Book of Hours 1514
1020God gives a new beginningTimothy Dudley-Smith
756God has promised many thingsMartin E Leckebusch
1011God has spoken by his servantsEmma Turl
1144God of grace, amazing wonderKeith Getty and Jonathan Rea
876God of my life, to you I callWilliam Cowper 1731-1800
895God sent his sonGloria Gaither William J…
1084God, loving ruler of our worldChristopher idle
904God’s gift of life and love has goneBrian Black
1184Grace unmeasured, vast and freeBob Kauflin
795Great Father of glory, how rich is your graceAndrew King based on J Stevens…
796Great is God’s love for usLinda Mawson
868Guide me, O my great RedeemerWilliam Williams 1717-91 Peter…
758Have faith in God, my heartBryn A Rees 1911-83
1069Have mercy, O my GodEmma Turl
1243Have you not planted in the human spiritMartin Leckebusch
896He gives us more grace when the burdens grow greaterAnnie J Flint 1866-1932
1132He lives in us, the Christ of GodMichael Perry (1942 –…
777He rescued me from the darkest nightGeoff Baker
884He who would valiant bePercy Dearmer 1867-1936 based…
1272Hear the call of the KingdomKeith Getty, Kristyn Getty and…
1290Highest heights or deepest deepJosh Caterer
840How blessed is life if lived for youPrust’s Supplementary…
906How blest are they who trust in ChristFred Pratt Green
1032How can I tell you, my Lord?Lynda Masson
877How firm a foundation, you saints of the Lord‘K’ in…
788How good is the God we adoreJoseph Hart 1712-68
1059How long, O Lord, will you forgetEmma Turl
841How rich and deep God’s judgements areMartin E Leckebusch
856How urgent is the summonsMartin E Leckebusch
711How vast the benefits divineAugustus M Toplady 1740-78 and…
760I am not skilled to understandDorothy Greenwell 1821-82
842I bind myself to God todayPatrick c.389-461 Trans. Cecil…
805I cannot count your blessings, Lord, they’re wonderfulPhil Rogers
1202I choose to set my thoughtsMartin Leckebusch
728I could not do without youFrances R Havergal 1836-79
871I do not know what lies aheadAlfred B Smith and Eugene…
1281I hear the Saviour sayElvina M Hall
793I hear the words of loveHoratius Bonar 1808-89
907I know that my RedeemerHallgrimur Petersson…
1117I live, dependent on JesusSusie Hare
1307I once was lost in darkest nightJordan Kauflin
759I rest in God aloneJohn Daniels
908I saw a new vision of JesusW Vernon Higham
729I stand amazed in the presenceCharles H Gabriel 1856-1932
716I stand before the presenceMavis Ford
1250I will glory in my RedeemerSteve & Vikki Cook
1251I will offer up my lifeMatt Redman
792I’m not ashamed to name my LordIsaac Watts 1674-1748
1012If this is not our worldChristopher Idle
1232In Christ aloneStuart Townend and Keith…
885In heavenly armour we’ll enter the landJamie Owens-Collins
748In heavenly love abidingAnna L Waring 1823-1910
763In life or death, Lord Jesus ChristChristopher Idle
1175In the darkness of the valleyStephen Ridgeway
897In the hour of trialJames Montgomery 1771-1854
857Jesus calls above the tumultCecil Frances Alexander…
1030Jesus is KingStephen Crowter
722Jesus, be first in everythingTony Coombe
843Jesus, I my cross have takenHenry F Lyte 1793-1847
859Jesus, Master, whose I amFrances R Havergal 1836-79
808Jesus, my strength, my hopeCharles Wesley 1707-88
725Jesus, name above all namesNaida Hearn
730Jesus, priceless treasureJohann Franck 1618-77 Trans.…
731Jesus, the joy of loving heartsLatin 12th Century Trans. Ray…
741Jesus, the very thought of youLatin 12th Century Trans.…
1299Jesus, you have called usJoel Payne
809Jesus, your all-victorious loveCharles Wesley 1707-88
778Jesus, your blood and righteousnessNicolaus L Von Zinzendorf…
844Jesus, your boundless love to mePaulus Gerhardt 1607-76 Trans.…
761Leave God to order all your waysGeorg C Neumark 1621-81 Trans.…
1306Let every soul worship the KingColin Webster and Phil Moore
1244Let my people goChristopher Idle
798Let not your hearts be troubledMargaret Clarkson 1915 –…
762Let us draw near! The blood is spiltMargaret Clarkson 1915 –…
1172Lift our eyes beyond the dutiesMartin E Leckebusch
845Lift up your heads, you mighty gatesGeorg Weissel 1590-1635 Trans.…
799Like a river gloriousFrances R Havergal 1836-79
1043Listen to my prayer, LordJames E Seddon 1915-83
846Lord and Saviour, true and kindHandley C G Moule 1841-1920
1064Lord Jesus Christ, we come to youColin Harris
848Lord of our dawning, who brought us to birthMargaret Clarkson 1915 –…
849Lord of the cross of shameMichael Saward
732Lord, be my vision, supreme in my heartFrom the poem book of the Gael…
826Lord, have mercy on usGraham Kendrick
1182Lord, hear the lonely sufferer’s cryMartin E Leckebusch
1238Lord, help me to know your presenceGeoffrey Twigg
899Lord, in our lonely hoursFred Pratt Green
1203Lord, in your hand is every lifeChristopher Idle
764Lord, it is not within my careRichard Baxter 1615-91
847Lord, make your word my ruleChristopher Wordsworth…
860Lord, speak to me, that I may speakFrances R Havergal 1836-79
1112Lord, we thank you for the promiseMartin Leckebusch
1113Lord, we turn to you for mercyMartin Leckebusch
744Lord, you are so precious to meGraham Kendrick
1052Lord, you know and study meGillian Simpson
1245Lord, you reign throughout creationGraham Oakes
1215Lord, your church is sufferingNorman Phillips
1046Lord, your love will always find meSusie Hare
714Love divine, all loves excellingCharles Wesley 1707-88
1022Love was outpouredJ Alec Motyer
1253Loved before the dawn of timeStuart Townend and Andrew…
715Loved with everlasting loveGeorge W Robinson 1838-77
902Loving Shepherd of your sheepJane E Leeson 1809-81
1114Majestic GodMartin E Leckebusch
717May the grace of Christ our SaviourJohn Newton 1725-1807
1308May the grace of Christ, our SaviourMartin Leckebusch
810May the mind of Christ my SaviourKatie B Wilkinson 1859-1928
733More about Jesus would I knowEliza E Hewitt 1851-1920
1023More than words can sayMartin Leckebusch
800My Father divineCharles Wesley 1707-88
1146My heart is filled with thankfulnessStuart Townend and Keith…
734My heart is full of Christ, and longsCharles Wesley 1707-88
779My hope is built on nothing lessEdward Mote 1797-1874
1147My hope rests firm on Jesus ChristKeith Getty and Richard…
1305My hymn of praiseMatt Papa, Stuart Townend
735My Jesus, I love you, I know you are mine;William R Featherstone…
1318My Lord, I often tremble with such fearGraham Oakes
1229My soul finds rest in God aloneAaron Keyes and Stuart…
765My times are in your handWilliam F Lloyd 1791-1853
1123Never let the songs endMartin Leckebusch
1013No condemnation nowJim Sayers
1028Not for ourselvesCarl P Daw Jr
801Not what I am, O Lord, but what you areHoratius Bonar 1808-89
781Now I have found the ground whereinJohann A Rothe 1688-1758 Trans…
802Now may the God of peaceNick Needham
900Now to him whose power is ableNick Needham
736Now, O my soul, forget no moreKrishna Pal 1764-1822 Trans.…
872O Christ of all the ages, come!Michael Perry 1942-96
784O Christ the same, through all our story’s pagesTimothy Dudley-Smith
782O Christ, in you my soul has foundAnon.
1092O Christ, you are the builderEmma Turl
910O Christ, you wept when grief was rawJohn L Bell and Graham Maule
1278O Church arise, and put your armour onStuart Townend and Keith…
827O come, our all-victorious LordCharles Wesley 1707-88
811O for a closer walk with GodWilliam Cowper 1731-1800
812O for a heart to praise my GodCharles Wesley 1707-88
873O God of Bethel, by whose handPhilip Doddridge 1702-51
1198O God of grace and mercyPeter Ninnis
1187O great God of highest heavenBob Kauflin
721O happy day, that fixed my choicePhilip Doddridge 1702-51
718O hidden source of calm reposeCharles Wesley 1707-88
749O how the grace of GodE T Sibomana c. 1910-75 Trans.…
861O I have heard the Gospel toldHilary Jolly
817O Jesus Christ, within me growJohann C Lavater…
828O Jesus, full of truth and graceCharles Wesley 1707-88
901O Jesus, I have promisedJohn E Bode 1816-74
1260O Jesus, light of lifeColin Goldsworthy
1049O Lord, my heart is heavyAlison Jenner
1276O Lord, my Rock and my RedeemerNathan Stiff
862O Lord, who came from realms aboveCharles Wesley 1707-88
737O matchless beauty of our GodAugustine of Hippo…
1280O my soul, arise and bless your MakerStuart Townend
887O safe to the rock that is higher than IWillliam O Cushing 1823-1903
813O sweetest love, O love divineCharles Wesley 1707-88
1303O, the mercy of GodGeoff Bullock
738Object of my first desireAugustus M Toplady 1740-78
1124On the cross he took what I deservedMartin Leckebusch
719One with Jesus, loved and cherishedJim Sayers
785Only by grace can we enterGerrit Gustafson
786Our confidence is in the LordNoel Richards Tricia Richards
888Our God stands like a fortress rockMartin Luther 1483-1546 Trans.…
1151Our view across the miles gone byChristopher Idle
797Peace, perfect peaceEdward H Bickersteth…
1254Prepare our hearts, O GodBob Kauflin and Doug Plank
814Purify my heartBrian Doerksen
787Reconciled, I’m reconciledMike Kerry
766Reign in me, Sovereign LordChris Bowater
903Rejoice, believer, in the LordJohn Newton 1725-1807
829Search me, O God, and know my heart todayJ Edwin Orr 1912-87
834Search me, O God! My actions tryFrancis Bottome 1823-94
1236Search our hearts, we pray, LordChristopher Idle
1068See the cross of CalvarySusie Hare
1110Shelter me from the windEmma Turl
835Soften my heart, LordGraham Kendrick
889Soldiers of Christ, ariseCharles Wesley 1707-88
1210Some things we long forChristopher Idle
830Son of God, if your free graceCharles Wesley 1707-88
1116Sovereign Lord, as you have promisedAlison Jenner
890Stand up, stand up for JesusGeorge Duffield 1818-88
1080Step by StepRobin Hagues
878Still near me, O my Saviour, standVerse 1 Charles Wesley…
1154Still, my soul, be stillStuart Townend, Keith &…
803Such love, pure as the whitest snowGraham Kendrick
745Sweet the moments, rich in blessingWilliam W Shirley…
850Take my life, and let it beFrances R Havergal 1836-79
1076Take my life, move my heartNorman Phillips
815Take time to be holy, speak much with your LordWilliam D Longstaff 1822-94
852Take up your cross, the Saviour saidCharles W Everest 1814-77
831Teach us how grave a thing it isAlan Gaunt
863The heroes of scriptureJohn Tindall
750The Lord made man, the scriptures tellTimothy Dudley-Smith
1189The Lord’s my ShepherdStuart Townend
1026The only power that cleanses meSusie Hare
1302The perfect wisdom of our GodKeith Getty, Stuart Townend
909The sands of time are sinkingAnne R Cousin 1824-1906 Based…
865The Son of God rides out to warMichael Saward based on…
1042The stars declare his gloryTimothy Dudley-Smith
1230There is a hope that burns within my heartStuart Townend and Mark…
1224There is a song within my heartSusie Hare
1211This is the man who runs with GodChristopher Idle
1300Though the nations rageJonny Robinson, Rich Thompson,…
767Though troubles assailJohn Newton 1725-1807
768Through all the changing scenes of lifeNahum Tate 1652-1715 and…
789Through the darkness of the agesHilary Jolly
866To him we comeJames Seddon
1169To walk with Jesus in this worldStephen Ridgeway
1089To you, O Lord, I lift my soulEmma Turl
879Trouble may break with the dawnMalcolm Macgregor
1044Two sins have we committedSam Chaplin
1034Up to the hills I lift my eyesEmma Turl
816Wake up, O sleeper, and rise from the deadGraham Kendrick
821Walk in the light, and you shall knowBernard Barton 1784-1849
891We are marching in the light of GodOriginal Xhosa Text and melody…
1096We come to you, our gracious, holy KingEmma Turl
1047We come with reverence and respectColin Harris
720We come, O Christ, to youMargaret Clarkson 1915 –…
832We have not known you as we oughtThomas B Pollock 1836-96
1197We pray for those among us who are grievingMartin E Leckebusch
769We trust in you, our shield and our defenderEdith G Cherry 1872-97
1039We trust the strength of God aloneColin Harris
1074What can compare to this?Simon Sadler
818What does the Lord requireAlbert F Bayly 1901-84 ALT
1275What gift of grace is Jesus, my RedeemerMichael Farren, Jonny…
819Whatever things are lovelyChristopher Idle
771When circumstances make my lifeMartin E Leckebusch
1035When clouds block out the way to GodStephen Crowter
858When God begins a workMichael Haighton
1149When he comes again in splendourColin Harris
1219When I fear my faith will failOriginal words by Ada…
1138When numbers are against usChristopher Idle
804When peace, like a river, attends all my wayHoratio G Spafford 1828-88
1131When sorrow overwhelms our heartsFiona Lloyd
1131aWhen sorrow overwhelms our heartsFiona Lloyd
1191When trials comeKeith Getty and Kristyn Getty
853When we walk with the LordJohn H Sammis 1846-1919
1061When worries blur our visionSiân Cook
751Where shall my wondering soul beginCharles Wesley 1707-88
1036Who has planned the journey?Susie Hare
854Who is on the Lord’s sideFrances R Havergal 1836-79
739Who is there like youPaul Oakley
820Who may ascend the hill of the LordGeoff Baker
1010Whom have I in heaven but you?Carolyn Lacey
790Why all my fear and unbeliefAugustus M Toplady 1740-78
740Why did you choose me-what have I doneStephanie Monaghan
791Why should I fear the darkest hourJohn Newton 1725-1807
867With joy I welcome, Lord, your rightPhilip Doddridge 1702-51
1160With wonder see the bridegroom so committedPhil Heaps
770Within the busy rush of lifeMartin E Leckebusch
752Wonderful grace that gives what I don’t deserveJohn Pantry
1277You are my anchorStuart Townend
1109You are the vineGordon Giles
1143You have not come to Sinai’s mountPeter J Ninnis
1125You have pardoned all my sinMartin Leckebusch
742You I will love, my strength, my towerCharles Wesley 1707-88
743You laid aside your majestyNoel Richards
864You servants of the LordPhilip Doddridge 1702-51
753You souls redeemed with bloodWilliam Gadsby 1773-1844
851You that do your master’s willCharles Wesley 1707-88
1268Your love is greater than the highest heights of heavenColin Webster
833Your mercy flows upon us like a riverWes Sutton
874Your way, not mine, O LordHoratius Bonar 1808-89