O sweetest love, O love divine

O sweetest love, O love divine,
when shall this willing heart of mine
yours only, wholly be?
I thirst, I faint, I die to prove
the greatness of redeeming love,
the love of Christ for me.

2. Stronger his love than death or hell;
its riches are unsearchable;
the first-born sons of light
desire in vain its depths to see;
they cannot reach the mystery,
the length and breadth and height.

3. God only knows the love of God;
O may it now be shed abroad
in this poor stony heart!
I long for love, for love divine,
O let this portion now be mine,
be mine this better part!

4. O that I could for ever sit
with Mary at the Master’s feet!
Be this my happy choice:
my only care and happiness,
my joy, my heaven on earth, be this-
to hear the Bridegroom’s voice!

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