How vast the benefits divine

How vast the benefits divine
which we in Christ possess!
We are redeemed from sin and shame
and called to holiness.
Not for the works that we have done-
all these to him are owed;
but he of his electing love
salvation has bestowed.

2. To you alone, O Lord, is due
all glory and renown:
praise to ourselves we dare not take,
or rob you of your crown.
You were yourself our guarantor
in God’s redemption plan;
in you his grace was given us
before the world began.

3. Safe in the arms of sovereign love
we ever shall remain;
not all the rage of earth or hell
can make your promise vain.
So none of all your chosen ones
shall fail your heaven to gain;
here they will share abounding grace,
and there with Jesus reign.

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