Lord, hear the lonely sufferer’s cry

Lord, hear the lonely sufferer’s cry:
‘Why, God, have you forsaken me?
Why does your silence fill my ears
though I pursue you fervently?
For are you not the Holy One
enthroned in timeless splendour,
the One whose aid our forebears knew,
their Refuge and Defender?’

2. Denied the joy of self-respect,
beset by those who doubt your care,
LORD, who could quell the anxious thoughts
which pave the pathways of despair?
But still your lifelong call remains,
through testing times enduring –
come, faithful God, your promise prove,
the sufferer’s hope restoring.

3. With strength and courage ebbing fast,
with fierce opponents close at hand,
with life itself about to end
this sufferer prays for grace to stand:
‘Come swiftly, LORD! I need your help—
aggressive foes assail me!
Be nearer than the threats I dread—
I trust you not to fail me!’

4. LORD, hear the joyful sufferer’s cry—
the cry of faith refined and strong
from one who tells of answered prayer,
inviting all to join the song:
so may your worship, gracious God,
resound through all the nations,
to publicise your righteousness
to future generations.


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