The Christian Life - Suffering and Trial

Number Hymn Name Author
6O Lord, do not rebuke meDavid G Preston
17Lord, hear my plea, my innocence declareDavid G Preston
54By your name, O God, now save meThe Book of Psalms for Singing…
55Listen to my prayer, O GodDavid G Preston
56Merciful and gracious beTimothy Dudley-Smith
57O God, from whom all mercy springsDavid G Preston
70Come quickly, Lord, to rescue meBert Polman
77I cried out to God to help meDavid G Preston
79O God, the heathen have attackedChristopher Idle
129They have oppressed me from my youthSing Psalms 1997
140Deliver me from evilThe Psalter 1912,…
142I seek the Lord in grief, in painDavid G Preston Based on…
143Hear me, O Lord, in my distressDavid G Preston
875Begone, unbelief!John Newton 1725-1807
876God of my life, to you I callWilliam Cowper 1731-1800
877How firm a foundation, you saints of the Lord‘K’ in…
878Still near me, O my Saviour, standVerse 1 Charles Wesley…
879Trouble may break with the dawnMalcolm Macgregor
1013No condemnation nowJim Sayers
1049O Lord, my heart is heavyAlison Jenner
1059How long, O Lord, will you forgetEmma Turl
1061When worries blur our visionSiân Cook
1107Christ is my Shepherd-KingEmma Turl
1112Lord, we thank you for the promiseMartin Leckebusch
1131aWhen sorrow overwhelms our heartsFiona Lloyd
1131When sorrow overwhelms our heartsFiona Lloyd
1138When numbers are against usChristopher Idle
1142Day and night I cry to youMartin E Leckebusch
1175In the darkness of the valleyStephen Ridgeway
1182Lord, hear the lonely sufferer’s cryMartin E Leckebusch
1191When trials comeKeith Getty and Kristyn Getty
1206Are you there when life is darkenedMartin E Leckebusch
1215Lord, your church is sufferingNorman Phillips
1239Father, you know the wayEmma Turl
1244‘Let my people go’Christopher Idle
1277You are my anchorStuart Townend
1281I hear the Saviour sayElvina M Hall
1282I have a shelter in the stormSteve Cook, Vikki Cook &…
1286Christ the sure and steady anchorMatt Boswell and Matt Papa
1288For mistakes we can’t forgetGlen Scrivener and Phil Moore
1290Highest heights or deepest deepJosh Caterer
1292When anxious storms within us rageBen Slee
1302The perfect wisdom of our GodKeith Getty, Stuart Townend
1310Under the sunGreg De Blieck