I cried out to God to help me

I cried out to God to help me
in my turmoil and my grief;
all night long I pleaded with him,
yet my soul found no relief.
I remembered God with sorrow
and my groaning heart grew faint;
wearied, sleepless, I could scarcely
raise my voice in lone lament.

2. Earlier days and years I turned to,
when my songs rang through the night;
now the bitter thought possessed me:
‘Has God cast us off outright?
Is his steadfast love now ended?
Is his promise null and void?
Have his mercy and compassion
in his anger been destroyed?’

3. Then I called to mind the marvels
once performed by God most High,
pondering on the Lord’s great actions
mortal power could not defy.
Holy is our God-no other
works the wonders done by ours,
freeing Jacob’s sons and Joseph’s
by his all-transcending powers.

4. When, O God, the waters saw you,
terror-struck they turned and fled;
lightning, tempest, whirlwind, thunder
filled the trembling world with dread.
Leaving in the sand no footprint,
through the sea your path you took,
and by Moses’ hand and Aaron’s
led your people like a flock.

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