Preston, David George

Author & Composer

b London 1939. d 2020. Archbishop Tenison’s Grammar School, Kennington, London; Keble College Oxford (MA Mod Langs.) He worked as a French Teacher, including 11 years at Ahmadu Bello Univ, Nigeria, and gained a PhD on the French Christian poet Pierre Emmanuel (1916 84). A member of Carey Baptist Ch, Reading, for many years, he later moved to Alweston, nr Sherborne, Dorset. He compiled The Book of Praises (Carey Publications, Liverpool) in 1987, with versions of 71 Psalms; these include modified texts of Watts and a few other classic paraphrasers, but most are by contemporary writers including himself. 60 of his metrical Psalm versions are so far published, including one each in Sing Glory (2000), the Scottish Church Hymnary 4th Edn (2005) and Sing Praise (2010), and 3 in the 2004 edn of CH; also 10 tunes. His writing and composing has taken place in Leicester, Reading, Nigeria and his present home; he was a member of the editorial board throughout the preparation of Praise! and had a major share in the choice of music for the Psalm texts (1-150). His convictions about the Psalms, as expressed in the Introduction to BP, are that ‘There is nothing to compare with their blend of the subjective and the objective, the inner life and practical goodness, the knowledge of one’s own rebellious heart and the knowledge of God…Today’s general neglect of congregational Psalm singing is a symptom of the spiritual malaise of our churches. When the preaching of the Gospel has prospered, bringing into being churches vibrant with spiritual life, men and women have taken great delight in praising their Maker and Redeemer through these scriptural hymns’. 15 of his own, self-selected, feature as his share of ‘contemporary hymns’ in the 2009 Come Celebrate; he has also served as a meticulous proof-reader. Nos.1, 2A, 5*, 6, 7, 11, 15, 16, 17, 19A, 24A, 27A, 30B, 32*, 33*, 38, 40, 42, 43, 47, 51*, 52, 55, 57*, 64, 66, 74, 76, 77, 84, 90, 91A, 96*, 97, 99, 100B, 101, 114*, 120, 126, 132, 139, 142*, 143, 145A, 147*, 824*, 830*, 963*.

Hymns and songs by Preston, David George

Number Hymn Name
1 Happy the people who refuse
2A Why do all the nations rage
6 O Lord, do not rebuke me
7 From my pursuers keep me safe
11 I’ve found my refuge in the Lord
15 Lord, who may venture where you dwell
16 O God, my refuge, keep me safe
17 Lord, hear my plea, my innocence declare
19A The heavens declare God’s glory
24A The whole earth is the Lord’s
27A The Lord is my light and salvation
30B I’ll lift my voice, O Lord
33 Let all the righteous to the Lord
38 Rebuke me not in anger, Lord
40 Patient in hope, I sought the Lord
42 As the fainting deer cries out
43 God defend me; traitors rise
47 O clap your hands, all nations, cry
51 Lord, have mercy: in your goodness
52 Why, mighty hero, must you boast
55 Listen to my prayer, O God
57 O God, from whom all mercy springs
64 Receive, O God, my anguished prayer
66 Shout with joy to God, all nations
74 O God, why have you cast us off for ever
76 In Judah’s kingdom God is known
77 I cried out to God to help me
84 O Lord of hosts, how lovely is your dwelling-place!
90 O Lord our God, in every age
91A Shelter safely in the shadow
96 O sing a new song
97 The Lord is King! With joyful sound
99 The Lord is King: tremble, O earth, and fear him
100B Shout for joy
101 Of loyal love and justice
120 In anguish to the Lord I cry
126 The Lord restored us – we were freed
132 Lord, we pray, remember David
139 You, O Lord, have searched and known me
142 I seek the Lord in grief, in pain
143 Hear me, O Lord, in my distress
145A O Lord! My God and King

Tunes and arrangements by Preston, David George

Tune Name
In Exitu