Lord, hear my plea, my innocence declare

Lord, hear my plea, my innocence declare;
give judgement, for your eyes can see within.
Lay bare my heart: is any malice there?
Have I not kept my tongue from uttering sin?
At all times shall your word direct my way
that, led by you, my steps shall never stray.

2. O God, who answers prayer, hear now my cry:
reveal your steadfast love in all its power!
Protect me, as the apple of your eye,
from heartless sinners in this evil hour;
they track me down, like lions they prowl around
and wait to spring and cast me to the ground.

3. Arise, O Lord, and overcome my foes,
who only live for this world’s joys and cares;
yet those you love—on them your hand bestows
enough and more for them and for their heirs;
and I in righteousness shall see your face,
awaking to behold you, by your grace.

Copyright: © Author / Jubilate Hymns

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