The Lord is my light and salvation

The Lord is my light and salvation;
what person on earth shall I fear,
what power in the whole of creation?
The Lord, my life’s stronghold, is near.
The wicked may look to devour me,
but they merely stumble and fall;
though warriors could well overpower me,
my trust shall not waver at all.

2. For one thing alone I implore him:
I long to remain all my days
at prayer in his temple before him,
and there on his beauty to gaze.
In danger he’ll be my defender,
on rock will my feet be secured;
triumphant in trouble, I’ll render
my offerings of praise to the Lord.

3. O Lord, hear my voice, I beseech you:
respond to my cry with your grace;
my heart ever tells me to seek you:
I will, Lord-O hide not your face.
Nor yet in your anger reject me,
O God, my salvation, my hope!
Though family no longer protect me,
the Lordwill himself take me up.

4. Lord, teach me your way, lest I wander
or step in my enemies’ path;
preserve me from them and their slander,
their hatred, their violence and wrath.
I know in the land of the living
I’ll see the Lord’s goodness outpoured;
be strong, such assurance receiving-
take courage and wait for the Lord!

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