The Lord is King! With joyful sound

The Lord is king! with joyful sound
let all the earth in him delight,
whom cloud and deepest dark surround,
whose throne is justice, truth and right.

2. Before him fires of judgement go,
his lightnings blaze his advent forth,
the mountains melt like wax, and flow
before the Lord of all the earth.

3. His righteousness the heavens proclaim,
his glory all the peoples see;
the pagan world is put to shame:
to him all gods must bow the knee.

4. His people hear; with joy they cry
to see the judgements he ordains,
for he, the Lord, is God most High,
and far above all gods he reigns.

5. Let everyone who loves the Lord
hate evil, as his word commands;
his faithful people he will guard,
delivering them from wicked hands.

6. So light will shine upon the just,
and joy on hearts kept clear of blame,
who gladly make the Lord their trust
and ever praise his holy name.

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