The Father - His Character

Number Hymn Name Author
7From my pursuers keep me safeDavid G Preston
14The fool whose heart declares in prideStephen Wilcockson
68Let God arise! His enemies be goneChristopher Idle
97The Lord is King! With joyful soundDavid G Preston
99The Lord is King: tremble, O earth, and fear himDavid G Preston
138I’ll praise you, Lord, with heart content and joyfulMichael Perry 1942-96
240Lo, God is here; let us adore!Gerhard Tersteegen…
241Begin, my soul, a heavenly themeIsaac Watts (1674-748)
242Eternal God, we come to youDavid Fellingham
243Eternal light! Eternal light!Thomas Binney (1798-1874)
244God of glory, we exalt your nameDavid Fellingham
245God of majesty and splendourAlan C Clifford
246Great God of wonders, all your waysSamuel Davies (1723-61)
247How shall I sing that majestyJohn Mason (1646-94)
248Immortal, invisible, God only wiseWalter C Smith (1824-1908)
249King of the universe, Lord of the agesMichael Saward
250O Father, you are sovereignMargaret Clarkson 1915 –…
251There’s a wideness in God’s mercyGeoff Baker
252Faithful God, faithful GodChris Bowater
253Truly God is goodBrian Black
1053Our refuge and our strength is GodEmma Turl
1054Raise a shout of joyous triumphEmma Turl
1060I stand on a rockSusie Hare
1070Our Father, who art in heavenThe Lord’s Prayer
1186Lord, I come before your throne of graceDawn Critchley and Robert…
1248Our Father in heavenSheila Wilson
1263What love could remember no wrongs we have doneMatt Boswell & Matt Papa
1307I once was lost in darkest nightJordan Kauflin
1315What is our hope in life and death?KEITH GETTY, MATT BOSWELL,…