Let God arise! His enemies be gone

Let God arise! his enemies be gone
and melt like wax before the Holy One.

2. Make known the Lord, and sound his name aloud
to praise the King who rides upon the cloud.

3. Father and Judge, he gave the world his law
with freedom, love and justice for the poor.

4. God marched ahead, strong shepherd of his flock;
the heavens opened, earth in terror shook.

5. God spoke the word, and faithful was the band
of those who took the truth to every land.

6. See God ascend, with captives as his prize,
and gifts for all who shall in him arise.

7. Bless day by day the living God who saves,
who raises up his people from their graves.

8. Draw near his throne: musicians lead our song!
All nations, tribes and races join the throng.

9. All strength is his! The rebels reign no more;
he scatters all who take delight in war.

10. God rules on high, and mighty is his voice:
to God be praise; in God we shall rejoice.

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