From my pursuers keep me safe

From my pursuers keep me safe:
O Lord, my refuge be,
or they will tear me like a lion
with none to rescue me.
O Lord, if mine are guilty hands
betraying solemn trust,
then let my accusers take their prey
and lay me in the dust.

2. Arise, O Lord, confront their rage,
for justice now I cry;
as peoples gather in your court,
Lord, take your seat on high.
Since you can read the heart and mind,
the innocent defend;
uphold the righteous by your grace
and hasten evil’s end.

3. My hope, my shield is God most High,
who guards the upright heart,
but daily shows his wrath to those
who from his laws depart.
For sinners who will not repent
his deadly weapons wait-
for those who breed and nurture sin
and multiply deceit.

4. The man who plots another’s death
will slay himself instead,
the violence of his evil heart
recoiling on his head.
I’ll thank God for his righteousness,
his goodness glorify,
and sing the praises of his name:
our God, the Lord most High.

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