I’ll lift my voice, O Lord

I’ll lift my voice, O Lord,
to glorify your name,
for you have lifted me
above defeat and shame;
you heard my cry to heal and save,
and stooped to raise me from the grave.

2. Then to his holy name
let all his saints give praise:
his wrath is brief, his grace
is with us all our days,
for grief and tears may last a night,
but joy will come with morning light.

3. In easy times I’d felt
secure from all life’s ills:
your hand upheld me, Lord,
like Zion’s timeless hills;
but with your smile no longer there
assurance plunged to deep despair.

4. To you, O Lord, I cried:
‘What can my death achieve?
From bones among the dust
what praise will you receive?
O Lord, be merciful to me!
Come quickly, help me—hear my plea!’

5. O how I leapt for joy
as grief was put to flight!
My sackcloth you removed
and clothed me with delight,
that you, O Lord, I might adore
and give you thanks for evermore.

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