The Christian Life - Humbling and Restoration

Number Hymn Name Author
13How long will you forget me, LordChristopher Idle
28O Lord my rock, to you I cry aloudChristopher Idle
30AI exalt you, Lord eternalJim Sayers
30BI’ll lift my voice, O LordDavid G Preston
42As the fainting deer cries outDavid G Preston
43God defend me; traitors riseDavid G Preston
54By your name, O God, now save meThe Book of Psalms for Singing…
137By rivers of sorrow we sat and rememberedMichael Perry 1942-96
822Depth of mercy! Can there beCharles Wesley 1707-88
823Almighty Lord most high, draw nearTimothy Dudley-Smith
824Forgive our sins as we forgiveRosamond Herklots 1905-87
825From a life of wearinessEmma Turl
826Lord, have mercy on usGraham Kendrick
827O come, our all-victorious LordCharles Wesley 1707-88
828O Jesus, full of truth and graceCharles Wesley 1707-88
829Search me, O God, and know my heart todayJ Edwin Orr 1912-87
830Son of God, if your free graceCharles Wesley 1707-88
831Teach us how grave a thing it isAlan Gaunt
832We have not known you as we oughtThomas B Pollock 1836-96
833Your mercy flows upon us like a riverWes Sutton
834Search me, O God! My actions tryFrancis Bottome 1823-94
835Soften my heart, LordGraham Kendrick
1024Almighty God we come to make confessionChristopher Ellis
1030Jesus is KingStephen Crowter
1044Two sins have we committedSam Chaplin
1064Lord Jesus Christ, we come to youColin Harris
1069Have mercy, O my GodEmma Turl
1113Lord, we turn to you for mercyMartin Leckebusch
1196Come, stranger-God: reveal to usMartin E Leckebusch
1236Search our hearts, we pray, LordChristopher Idle
1254Prepare our hearts, O GodBob Kauflin and Doug Plank
1261My worth is not in what I ownKeith Getty, Kristyn Getty…
1307I once was lost in darkest nightJordan Kauflin