The Christian Life - Humbling and Restoration

Number Hymn Name Author
1024Almighty God we come to make confessionChristopher Ellis
823Almighty Lord most high, draw nearTimothy Dudley-Smith
42As the fainting deer cries outDavid G Preston
137By rivers of sorrow we sat and rememberedMichael Perry 1942-96
54By your name, O God, now save meThe Book of Psalms for Singing…
1196Come, stranger-God: reveal to usMartin E Leckebusch
822Depth of mercy! Can there beCharles Wesley 1707-88
824Forgive our sins as we forgiveRosamond Herklots 1905-87
825From a life of wearinessEmma Turl
43God defend me; traitors riseDavid G Preston
1069Have mercy, O my GodEmma Turl
13How long will you forget me, LordChristopher Idle
30AI exalt you, Lord eternalJim Sayers
1307I once was lost in darkest nightJordan Kauflin
30BI’ll lift my voice, O LordDavid G Preston
1030Jesus is KingStephen Crowter
1064Lord Jesus Christ, we come to youColin Harris
826Lord, have mercy on usGraham Kendrick
1113Lord, we turn to you for mercyMartin Leckebusch
1318My Lord, I often tremble with such fearGraham Oakes
1261My worth is not in what I ownKeith Getty, Kristyn Getty…
827O come, our all-victorious LordCharles Wesley 1707-88
828O Jesus, full of truth and graceCharles Wesley 1707-88
28O Lord my rock, to you I cry aloudChristopher Idle
1254Prepare our hearts, O GodBob Kauflin and Doug Plank
829Search me, O God, and know my heart todayJ Edwin Orr 1912-87
834Search me, O God! My actions tryFrancis Bottome 1823-94
1236Search our hearts, we pray, LordChristopher Idle
835Soften my heart, LordGraham Kendrick
830Son of God, if your free graceCharles Wesley 1707-88
831Teach us how grave a thing it isAlan Gaunt
1044Two sins have we committedSam Chaplin
832We have not known you as we oughtThomas B Pollock 1836-96
833Your mercy flows upon us like a riverWes Sutton