From a life of weariness

From a life of weariness,
from my guilt and my distress,
Saviour, to your side I flee-
bring me back to Calvary.

2. I am sinful, prone to fall,
unresponsive to your call;
yet I long your own to be-
bring me back to Calvary.

3. When the wonders of your love
fail my bitter heart to move,
draw me, Lord, your wounds to see-
bring me back to Calvary.

4. Though distractions crowd my day,
though I’m weak and slow to pray,
let your Spirit strengthen me-
bring me back to Calvary.

5. Bring me back to where your blood
washed me clean, O Son of God,
where its power has set me free,
at the cross of Calvary.

6. Bring me back to follow you,
serve the way you want me to,
tell your praise eternally,
Jesus, Lamb of Calvary!

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