Lord Jesus Christ, we come to you

Lord Jesus Christ, we come to you;
we need your mercy now.
Blot out our sin, our hearts renew—
in penitence we bow.
Your judgement seat we all must face,
our inmost state you know;
we are dependent on your grace
to wash us white as snow.

2. What we have done or thought or seen
is hateful in your sight.
Deep down inside we feel unclean,
distressed and dark as night.
We see ourselves, accept our wrong;
the world has left its stain.
For your forgiveness, Lord, we long—
please make us pure again.

3. You gave yourself at Calvary—
a righteous sacrifice;
you died and suffered publicly
to bring us paradise.
How can we thank you, Lord, for all
the love which you displayed?
For in your death we can recall
the fearful price you paid.

4. A broken and a contrite heart,
O God, you’ll not despise.
Restore your joy in every part,
our lives revitalise.
Then we can teach our friends your ways,
that they may come to you,
and learn to sing the Saviour’s praise
who will make all things new.

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