The Christian Life - Submission and Trust

Number Hymn Name Author
23AThe Lord my shepherd rules my lifeChristopher Idle
23BThe Lord’s my shepherd, I’ll not wantWilliam Whittingham (1524-79)
23CThe King of love my shepherd isHenry W Baker (1821-77)
25All my soul to God I raiseTimothy Dudley-Smith
37When lawless people thriveChristopher Idle
62My soul finds rest in God aloneDavid J Diephouse
91AShelter safely in the shadowDavid G Preston
121AI to the hills lift up my eyesChristopher Idle
121BUnto the hills around me I lift upJ D S Campbell 1845-1914
123Up to you I lift my eyesEmma Turl
131Lord, you have weaned my heart from prideChristopher Idle
754Be still, my soul: The Lord is on your sideCatharina A D Von Schlegel b.…
755Alone with none but you, my GodAttributed to Columba…
756God has promised many thingsMartin E Leckebusch
757Be still and know that I am GodAnon.
758Have faith in God, my heartBryn A Rees 1911-83
759I rest in God aloneJohn Daniels
760I am not skilled to understandDorothy Greenwell 1821-82
761Leave God to order all your waysGeorg C Neumark 1621-81 Trans.…
762Let us draw near! The blood is spiltMargaret Clarkson 1915 –…
763In life or death, Lord Jesus ChristChristopher Idle
764Lord, it is not within my careRichard Baxter 1615-91
765My times are in your handWilliam F Lloyd 1791-1853
766Reign in me, Sovereign LordChris Bowater
767Though troubles assailJohn Newton 1725-1807
768Through all the changing scenes of lifeNahum Tate 1652-1715 and…
769We trust in you, our shield and our defenderEdith G Cherry 1872-97
770Within the busy rush of lifeMartin E Leckebusch
771When circumstances make my lifeMartin E Leckebusch
1010Whom have I in heaven but you?Carolyn Lacey
1012If this is not our worldChristopher Idle
1028Not for ourselvesCarl P Daw Jr
1032How can I tell you, my Lord?Lynda Masson
1034Up to the hills I lift my eyesEmma Turl
1035When clouds block out the way to GodStephen Crowter
1036Who has planned the journey?Susie Hare
1039We trust the strength of God aloneColin Harris
1043Listen to my prayer, LordJames E Seddon 1915-83
1046Lord, your love will always find meSusie Hare
1047We come with reverence and respectColin Harris
1064Lord Jesus Christ, we come to youColin Harris
1074What can compare to this?Simon Sadler
1080Step by StepRobin Hagues
1089To you, O Lord, I lift my soulEmma Turl
1110Shelter me from the windEmma Turl
1114Majestic GodMartin E Leckebusch
1115Can I trust that God has made meNorman Phillips
1116Sovereign Lord, as you have promisedAlison Jenner
1131aWhen sorrow overwhelms our heartsFiona Lloyd
1131When sorrow overwhelms our heartsFiona Lloyd
1154Still, my soul, be stillStuart Townend, Keith &…
1172Lift our eyes beyond the dutiesMartin E Leckebusch
1187O great God of highest heavenBob Kauflin
1199Can a sinner like me standSimon Sadler
1210Some things we long forChristopher Idle
1229My soul finds rest in God aloneAaron Keyes and Stuart…
1235Draw me close to the crossGeoff Roberts and Judith…
1243Have you not planted in the human spiritMartin Leckebusch
1245Lord, you reign throughout creationGraham Oakes
1251I will offer up my lifeMatt Redman
1256By faith we see the hand of GodKeith and Kristyn Getty and…
1266Fade, fade each earthly joyOriginal words: Catherine J…
1275What gift of grace is Jesus, my RedeemerMichael Farren, Jonny…
1277You are my anchorStuart Townend
1281I hear the Saviour sayElvina M Hall
1282I have a shelter in the stormSteve Cook, Vikki Cook &…
1286Christ the sure and steady anchorMatt Boswell and Matt Papa
1290Highest heights or deepest deepJosh Caterer
1299Jesus, you have called usJoel Payne
1300Though the nations rageJonny Robinson, Rich Thompson,…
1302The perfect wisdom of our GodKeith Getty, Stuart Townend
1308May the grace of Christ, our SaviourMartin Leckebusch
1309Were I to cross from land to landGreg De Blieck
1314Come, you sinners, poor and needyJamie Brown
1316I lift my eyes up to the hills – Psalm 121KRISTYN GETTY, JORDAN KAUFLIN,…
1320You are my salvationDavid Lyon