Lord, you reign throughout creation

Lord, you reign throughout creation,
far beyond what eyes can see,
but your kingdom is most obvious
when you rule and reign in me.
I may promise to obey you,
with my lips confess your name
but, without your Spirit’s presence,
all my selfish ways remain.

2. Great Creator, mighty Saviour,
lover of this wayward soul;
you were broken to redeem me,
by your blood I am made whole.
Such a love, beyond all question,
answers each and every need.
May your love, so pure and spotless,
mark my life, my words, my deeds.

3. So, with such a weight of glory
working to perfect my ways,
may I yield to you completely
all my works and all my days.
Take my fears, my faults and failures;
lift me, teach me, set me free.
Hold me, fill me with your Spirit,
make me all that I should be.

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