Can I trust that God has made me

Can I trust that God has made me
for his pleasure, to enjoy him?
Does he care for my existence,
is there purpose to my life?
Yes! his word says he’s my Father,
I’m his child, by his design;
made to worship, love and serve him,
glorify his name.

2   Can I trust that God has saved me?
Could he love one so unlovely?
Would he intervene to rescue,
bear the penalty for sin?
Yes! his word says God so loved us
that his only Son he gave,
suffered death but rose victorious,
powerful to save.

3   Can I trust that God is with me
through the days of joy and sorrow?
Though I cannot feel him near me,
when my world has been brought low?
Yes! his word says, ‘I am with you,’
through his Spirit from above,
sent to comfort, he’ll surround me
with his arms of love.

4   Can I trust that God will keep me
as the days of youth are passing?
When the world would seek to own me,
when the future seems unsure?
Yes! his word says he will hold me,
he will shelter me from harm.
He is faithful, he will keep me
trusting to the end.

5   I will trust in God my maker,
I will trust his power to save me.
I will trust his constant presence,
I will trust him all my days.
Till he comes with hosts of angels;
comes to claim me for his own,
then for ever I will worship
Jesus on the throne.

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