We come with reverence and respect

We come with reverence and respect,
to God our praise we bring:
creation’s powerful architect –
our Lord, our Rock, our King.

2. No one is holy like you Lord,
none can with you compare;
on earth revered, in heaven adored,
we add our earnest prayer.

3. You see our hearts, the secret things
our closest friends don’t know;
the motives, thoughts, the hidden springs
beneath the public show.

4. Yet still you help the poor, the weak,
the stumbling, those who fall.
How good the words of grace you speak,
the love you give us all.

5. To know you better, Lord, we seek.
Our searching, longing mind
would grasp that you are God unique,
as those who seek will find.

6. Our strength is weak, we will record
your help by day and night.
Our hearts rejoice in you, O Lord,
your victory’s our delight.

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