We trust the strength of God alone

We trust the strength of God alone,
we do not need to fear
though dark, uncertain days may come
or fearful times be near.
The Son of God came down to earth
his Father’s love to tell.
He healed the sick, he raised the dead;
he has done all things well.

2. Today though terror stalks the earth
its target point unsure,
though climate change may seem a threat
to make us insecure,
the one true God is on our side –
we revel in this theme –
he gives us hope and joy and peace,
his power remains supreme.

3. Why should we dread the fearful hour?
The Morning Star shines bright.
The glory of a new-born day
will dawn from darkest night.
‘I’m coming soon,’ his word is sure;
we need not, will not doubt.
‘Yes, come Lord Jesus, come. Amen’
is our triumphant shout.

4. God will prepare new heavens and earth
where tears are wiped away.
No mourning, crying, pain or death
will cloud the light of day.
No goodness of our own will be
our passport to that place.
Redeeming love will let us see
the radiance of his face.

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