The Son - His Life and Ministry

Number Hymn Name Author
389Christ our Redeemer knew temptation’s hourTimothy Dudley-Smith
390Forty days and forty nightsGeorge H Smyttan 1822-70
391How good, Lord, to be here!J Armitage Robinson 1858-1933
392When Jesus led his chosen threeChristopher Idle
393Transfigured Christ, none comprehendsAlan Gaunt
394He left his home of perfect lightStephen Crowter
395All praise to Christ, our Lord and King divineF B Tucker 1895-1984, ALT
396From heaven you came, helpless babeGraham Kendrick
397He walked where I walkGraham Kendrick
398How humble Moses was, who metPhil Heaps. ALT
399I have a friend whose faithful loveE A Tydeman
400Lord, you left your throne and your kingly crownEmily E S Elliott 1836-97
401My dear Redeemer and my LordIsaac Watts 1674-1748
402O changeless Christ, for ever newTimothy Dudley-Smith
403My song is love unknownSamuel Crossman 1624-83
404That priceless gift what tongue can tellJ Alec Motyer
405The darkness turns to dawnTimothy Dudley-Smith
406We were not there to see you comeJohn H Gurney 1802-62 and…
407All glory, praise and honourTheodulph of Oleans c.…
408Ride on, ride on in majestyHenry H Milman 1791-1868
1015I cannot know the loveAndrew Lane
1017Lord, from the splendour of heaven you cameGill Berry
1018Christ, in very nature GodHilary Green
1025Through centuries longTimothy Dudley-Smith
1039We trust the strength of God aloneColin Harris
1079From the heights of glorySusie Hare
1084God, loving ruler of our worldChristopher idle
1106Out from the gates of Celestial cityHarold Heath and Chris…
1156There is an everlasting kindnessStuart Townend, Keith &…
1159Our Teacher and Master, Redeemer and LordChristopher Idle
1161Jesus is Lord! Behold the King of KingsDaniel Chua
1178He said, the Spirit of the LordChristopher Idle
1179He said, he came to seek the lostChristopher idle
1255With a prayer you fed the hungryStuart Townend