God, loving ruler of our world

God, loving ruler of our world,
all things were made by you;
by your creative, gracious power
you made us rulers too.

2. But we reject you; godless lives
spin out our sorry tale,
and in ourselves, our land, our world,
how hopelessly we fail!

3. You take us fairly at our word;
and if we still rebel
your judgement pays us what we ask:
the godless death of hell.

4. Yet you are love! You gave your Son;
this Man has met our need:
your rule he lived, our death he died,
the slaves of sin are freed!

5. You raised him from the stony grave,
to spell the end of death:
he brings good news, forgiveness, life:
he comes to judge the earth.

6. So grant me grace to follow Christ,
and I will surely pray,
trust all his words, accept his rule
and walk with him today.

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