Approaching God - Creator and Sustainer

Number Hymn Name Author
8In all the earth, O Lord, our LordSing Psalms 1997
19AThe heavens declare God’s gloryDavid G Preston
33Let all the righteous to the LordDavid G Preston
46AGod is our refuge and our strengthThe Psalter 1912, alt.
46BGod is our strength and refugeRichard Bewes
93The Lord is King supremeThe Psalter 1912, ALT
104O worship the KingRobert Grant 1779-1838
147O praise the Lord! Sing praises!The Psalter Hymnal…
148Praise him, praise him, praise himMichael Perry 1942-96
203All creatures of our God and KingWilliam H Draper…
204All things bright and beautifulCecil Frances Alexander…
205For all the glories of the earth and skyMrs G Golden
206For the beauty of the earthFolliott Sandford Pierpoint…
207God is great, amazing!Graham Kendrick / Steve…
208Before the Lord’s eternal throneIsaac Watts (1674-1748)
209My God, I thank you that you madeAdelaide A Procter (1825-64)
210O Lord of heaven and earth and seaChristopher Wordsworth…
211Roar the waves, the waters praisingMichael Perry (1942-96)
212Sing to the Lord with all of your heartStuart Garrard
213Who can bind the raging seaMichael Perry
214I sing the almighty power of GodIsaac Watts (1674-1748)
1001God is the giverTimothy Dudley-Smith
1004Our God is greatStephen Crowter
1007Fear the LordRichard Simpkin
1009The God who set the stars in spaceTimothy Dudley-Smith
1036Who has planned the journey?Susie Hare
1042The stars declare his gloryTimothy Dudley-Smith
1046Lord, your love will always find meSusie Hare
1050What if the One who shapes the starsDavid Mowbray
1071All was dark before creationGraham Oakes
1084God, loving ruler of our worldChristopher idle
1090Praise our Father, Lord of HarvestBen Cox
1093The wonders of the skies aboveEmma Turl
1094We sing of fruitful harvestsGraham Oakes
1095To you, my God, all praise is dueStephen Crowter
1097God of the trackless skiesJenny Wakely 1944-2014
1121Mighty, magnificent GodSusie Hare
1165Have you not heard?Geoff Taylor
1233Creation sings the Father’s songKeith and Kristyn Getty and…
1252Long before we were createdGeraldine Latty
1279From the squalor of a borrowed stableStuart Townend
1291Creator GodBen Slee
1298From life’s beginningMarcus Pagnum
1302The perfect wisdom of our GodKeith Getty, Stuart Townend