For all the glories of the earth and sky

For all the glories of the earth and sky,
for night’s soft voice, and morning’s silent haze,
for trees that whisper, and for winds that sigh,
we give you praise.

2. For summer sunshine and for cooling showers,
for stars that light the heavens’ darkening maze,
for dewdrops sparkling on the newborn flowers,
our hearts would praise.

3. For lightning’s flash, and thunder’s echoing roar,
for seas that beat upon their endless ways,
for wild waves’ anthem on a rock-bound shore,
we offer praise.

4. For mighty mountains and eternal snows,
enduring changeless through the changing days,
for moonlit valleys and for sunset glows,
accept our praise.

5. Yet for Christ’s great redeeming work of love,
our souls their highest hymn of thanks would raise,
for free salvation streaming from above,
we render praise.

6. For all the matchless wonders of your grace
seen in that cross on which we humbly gaze,
for peace and pardon to a fallen race,
your name we praise.

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