God of the trackless skies

God of the trackless skies,
Lord of the Milky Way,
framer of nature’s laws,
maker of night and day:
break through the bounds of space and time
as once you did in Palestine.

2. God of the spinning world,
Lord of the seasons’ change,
guiding the rivers’ flow,
shaping the mountain range:
stretch out your hand on land and sea
as once you did in Galilee.

3. God of the crops and fields,
Lord of our skills and arts,
enter our busy towns,
blessing our homes and hearts:
come, in our lives be born again
as once you came to Bethlehem.

4. God of our hopes and fears,
bearing our sin and shame,
dying to set us free,
knowing us all by name:
show us your grace in victory
as once you did on Easter day.

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