Christ's Lordship Over All of Life

Number Hymn Name Author
911Praise, O praise our God and KingBased on John Milton 1608-74…
912Bless the Lord for all the honoursAndrew King
913Come you thankful people comeHenry Alford 1810-71
914Creator God, with whom we shareChristopher Idle
915Eternal Father, strong to saveWilliam Whiting 1825-78
916For the fruits of his creationFred Pratt Green
917Rain on the earth by heaven’s blessingChristopher Idle
918To you, O Lord, our hearts we raiseWilliam C Dix 1837-98
919We plough the fields, and scatterJane M Campbell 1817-78 Based…
920As the light upon the riverChristopher Idle
921Father of all, whose laws have stoodDavid Mowbray
922God! As with silent hearts we bring to mindFred Kaan 1929 – 2009
923In the beginning, at the dawn of timeAndrew King
924O God, whose all-sustaining handTimothy Dudley-Smith
925Remember, Lord, the world you madeTimothy Dudley-Smith
926Show me how to stand for justiceMartin E Leckebusch
928Happy the home that welcomes you, Lord JesusHonor M Thwaites 1914-93 based…
929Lord Jesus Christ, invited guest and SaviourMichael Perry 1942-96
930The grace of life is theirsFred Pratt Green
931Eternal Father, Lord of lifeH C A Gaunt 1902-83
932God of mercy, hear our prayerThomas Hastings 1784-1872
933Our children, Lord, in faith and prayerVerses 1-2, 4 Thomas Haweis…
934O God, your life-creating loveAlbert F Bayly 1901-84 ALT
935Shine now upon us, LordJohn Ellerton 1826-93
936The Lord created familyMartin E Leckebusch
937God the Father, name we treasureBasil Bridge
938Dear Lord, for all in painAmy Carmichael 1867-1951
939When to our world the Saviour cameTimothy Dudley-Smith
940Forth in your name, O Lord, I goCharles Wesley 1707-88
941O splendour of God’s glory brightAmbrose 339-97 Trans. in Hymns…
942Teach me, dear Lord, to savour every momentMartin E Leckebusch
943All who wake tonightJohn Ferguson 1921-89
944Beauty for brokenness, hope for despairGraham Kendrick
945Our God, supreme and goodChristopher Idle
946Stay with us, God, as longed-for peace eludes usAlan Gaunt
947We give God thanks for those who knewMichael Perry 1942-96
948As if you were not thereJohn L Bell and Graham Maule
949Behold a broken world, we prayTimothy Dudley-Smith
950Judge eternal, throned in splendourHenry Scott Holland 1847-1918
951Lord, for the years your love has kept and guidedTimothy Dudley-Smith
952O God of love, O King of peaceHenry W Baker 1821-77
953O Lord, the clouds are gatheringGraham Kendrick
954Must the sword devour for everChristopher Idle
955Who can sound the depths of sorrowGraham Kendrick
956My Lord, you wore no royal crownChristopher Idle
957Who sees it all, before whose gazeGraham Kendrick
958How long, O Lord, have you bestowedJohn Newton 1725-1807
1009The God who set the stars in spaceTimothy Dudley-Smith
1011God has spoken by his servantsEmma Turl
1012If this is not our worldChristopher Idle
1029In an age of twisted valuesMartin Leckebusch
1030Jesus is KingStephen Crowter
1062Come with thanksgiving – harvest is hereEmma Turl
1087May God be graciousEmma Turl
1090Praise our Father, Lord of HarvestBen Cox
1094We sing of fruitful harvestsGraham Oakes
1097God of the trackless skiesJenny Wakely 1944-2014
1112Lord, we thank you for the promiseMartin Leckebusch
1133We pledge to one anotherJill Jenkins
1138When numbers are against usChristopher Idle
1198O God of grace and mercyPeter Ninnis
1209Lord, how we treasure helpers and carersChristopher Idle
1217For times when we have work to doMartin Leckebusch
1221What joy it is to see our childrens’ childrenChristopher Idle
1223Great Lord and God, we greet the dayMichael Sadgrove
1265For the cause of Christ the KingStuart Townend, Keith &…
1283As morning dawns and day awakesMatt Merker, Jordan Kauflin…