Creator God, with whom we share

Creator God, with whom we share
the ruling of your world, we ask
as we are named creation’s heirs
make us more willing for our task.

2. For you have blessed all things that live,
that run or fly or swim or crawl;
but we were destined to receive
our stewardship of care for all.

3. All creatures share your gift of breath;
on every kind our race depends;
like us, they move from birth to death,
our servants, helpers, and our friends.

4. So turn us back from acts of wrong,
from all unkindness and neglect;
reverse the abuses of the strong
to right control and true respect.

5. Though now we find your world decayed,
enslaved by fear and locked in pain,
in Christ creation is remade,
all things restored, set free again.

6. O Christ, you shared a cattle stall
and rode the path a donkey trod;
Redeemer, Servant, Lord of all,
all creatures praise you, Lamb of God!

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