O God, whose all-sustaining hand

O God, whose all-sustaining hand
is over this and every land,
whose laws from age to age have stood,
sure guardians of our common good,
may love of justice rule our days
and ordered freedom guide our ways.

2. Be near to those who strive to see
our homes from harm and terror free,
who live their lives at duty’s call
and spend themselves in serving all:
receive for them your people’s prayer,
uphold them by your constant care.

3. Teach us to serve our neighbour’s need,
the homeless help, the hungry feed,
the poor protect, the weak defend,
and to the friendless prove a friend;
the wayward and the lost reclaim
for love of Christ and in his name.

4. So may our hearts remember yet
that cross where love and justice met,
and find in Christ our fetters freed,
whose mercy answers all our need:
who lives and reigns, our risen Lord,
where justice sheathes her righteous sword.

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