The Lord created family

The Lord created family
to make his kindness known:
for when we care the way we ought
our love reflects his own-
a love which always reaches out
to those who feel alone.

2. Give thanks for all the families
which function as they should,
whose members make it their delight
to do each other good-
for homes which truly demonstrate
the Father’s fatherhood.

3. But pray for those whose families
are torn apart by strife,
where pressure mounts, where love is scarce,
where arguments are rife,
that God will heal their brokenness
and so enrich their life.

4. The Lord has made a family
with members everywhere
and Jesus is the eldest Son,
the one whose name we bear,
whose words and life show holiness,
a likeness we can share.

5. We are your church, your family,
the children of your grace:
inspire us, Lord, to show this world
the warmth of your embrace
till all who long for wholeness find
a welcome and a place.

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