Leckebusch, Martin Ernest


b Leicester 1962. King Edward VII Coll, Coalville, Leics; Oriel Coll Oxford; BA/MA (Maths) 1983; Brunel Univ Middx, MSc (Numerical Analysis) 1984. He worked for 16 yrs as a Computer Systems Programmer, followed by 5 as Support Specialist. In 2006 he was redirected to the role of Technical Design Authority for the IBM mainframe platform within Lloyds TSB. He has belonged to various CofE and Free Churches, including 6 yrs as a Methodist Local Preacher (1992–1998); currently a member of Kendal Rd Baptist Ch, Longlevens, Gloucester since 2001. His hymn-writing began in 1987; 144 hymn texts were collected in More than Words, 2000, some of which had appeared in earlier books including NewStart (1999, 6 hymns in a total of 71), Sing Glory (14 hymns), and Praise! A collection of 150 texts based on the Psalms, for singing to well-known tunes, appeared in 2006, giving a total of 275 texts by then in print. 6 of these are in Carol Praise (2006). In that year he also joined the Text Advisory Group (TAG) of Jubilate Hymns which he later chaired, and he also consults regularly with representatives of the more informal songwriters; he is active in the Hymn Soc, and lives with his family in Gloucester. In the 2005 edn of A Panorama of Christian Hymnody, which features 2 of his texts, Paul A Richardson notes their ‘conservative theology, biblical imagery and structural ingenuity’, adding that ML ‘advocates a restoration of hymnody in traditional forms to those who, like him, are in the charismatic wing of the church’. He is also keen to explore some issues often neglected by contemporary writers. By 2010, which saw the publication of a further collection Never Let the Songs End, the total number of his hymns had exceeded 400. Nos.270, 278, 285, 322, 381, 586, 604, 665, 756, 770, 771, 841, 856, 882, 892, 926, 936, 942, 1023, 1029, 1111, 1112, 1113, 1114, 1123, 1124, 1125, 1139, 1140, 1141, 1142, 1167, 1168, 1170, 1171, 1173, 1176, 1177, 1182, 1194, 1196, 1197, 1202, 1206, 1207, 1208, 1217, 1240, 1243.

Hymns and songs by Leckebusch, Martin Ernest

Number Hymn Name
CP61 The promised time arrives
CP16 God comes among us in holiest mystery
270 I bow before the God of matchless care
278 My Lord, you called my name
285 All power to the Lamb of God
322 No other prophet ever spoke
381 The promised time arrives
586 Let love be found among us
604 Holy Spirit, will you be
665 Christ brings the kingdom where barrenness blooms
756 God has promised many things
770 Within the busy rush of life
771 When circumstances make my life
841 How rich and deep God’s judgements are
856 How urgent is the summons
882 Christian soldiers in the fight
892 Ahead of us, a race to run
926 Show me how to stand for justice
936 The Lord created family
942 Teach me, dear Lord, to savour every moment
1023 More than words can say
1029 In an age of twisted values
1111 I bring my praise to you, my God, my Maker
1112 Lord, we thank you for the promise
1113 Lord, we turn to you for mercy
1114 Majestic God
1123 Never let the songs end
1124 On the cross he took what I deserved
1125 You have pardoned all my sin
1139 In the stillness of the morning
1141 You give us so much: a world to enjoy
1142 Day and night I cry to you
1167 When anxious thoughts assail my mind
1168 Faith is not merely the songs that we sing
1170 Extol the God of justice
1171 Ah, the bloodstained cross of Jesus
1172 Lift our eyes beyond the duties
1173 Not in anger, but in love
1176 I will sing your mercies, Lord
1177 I will sing your mercies, Lord
1182 Lord, hear the lonely sufferer’s cry
1194 You are bread, you are life
1196 Come, stranger-God: reveal to us
1197 We pray for those among us who are grieving
1202 I choose to set my thoughts
1206 Are you there when life is darkened
1207 Forgive us when our deeds ignore
1208 Holy God, I cry for mercy
1217 For times when we have work to do
1240 The cry is heard from heaven
1243 Have you not planted in the human spirit
1308 May the grace of Christ, our Saviour