The promised time arrives

The promised time arrives,
the time of God’s appointing,
the time when One is born
who bears the Lord’s anointing.
What prophets longed to see
is finally made clear:
for Jesus comes to earth
and brings the kingdom near.

2. Unnumbered angels sing
in joyful acclamation,
for Christ the Lord is born,
the bringer of salvation;
there in a manger lies
the Lord of heaven and earth,
who dignifies our life
by sharing human birth.

3. He comes as David’s heir
and Abraham’s descendant,
yet takes no worldly throne
with royal gold resplendent;
though rulers seek him out
to worship or to slay,
no power devised on earth
can take his crown away.

4. The way to God he shows
to all who will receive him-
what light and life are ours
if we will but believe him!
The Son of God is here,
so full of truth and grace;
God’s glory is disclosed
upon a human face.

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