Come, stranger-God: reveal to us

Come, stranger-God: reveal to us
the God you really are;
disturb our cosy, false ideas,
our worship from afar.

2. Our minds are dulled by earthbound thoughts,
our hearts confused and cold;
disclose the greatness none can grasp,
your love too fierce to hold.

3. When measured by your holiness,
our souls are poor indeed:
expose our fickle, shallow souls,
restore the health we need.

4. Unveil the sacred mysteries
of love embracing loss,
and burn into our daily lives
the meaning of your cross.

5. Then you will be no stranger-God,
an unknown God no more,
but God among us, God our friend,
the God whom we adore.

6 Eternal, all-surpassing God,
may our lives be your home;
transform us to reflect your love—
most gracious Stranger, come.

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