I bring my praise to you, my God, my Maker

I bring my praise to you, my God, my maker,
whose loving purpose guides me all my days:
I am astounded by the recognition
that all I am lies open to your gaze;
and you designed me to reflect your image—
for your enfolding care I bring my praise.

2    To you I turn when trouble overwhelms me
and makes your purpose harder to discern;
did you intend that I should face such anguish,
or do you watch my plight with unconcern?
Yet I have no one else I can rely on:
my God, my lifelong Hope, to you I turn.

3   Lord, it is you who made me for a reason,
a greater purpose than I ever knew,
and through it all, the good times and the bad times,
you always keep that final goal in view:
yes, from my mother’s womb, and even earlier,
one God has called my name: Lord, it is you.

BASED ON PSALMS 139:3, 13-16; 22:9-11



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