Majestic God

Majestic God,
you hold within your hand the farthest star;
you span the breadth of space,
you dwarf the highest height,
and yet our daily lives
are precious in your sight!
Beyond our thoughts, beyond our wildest dreams,
how great you are!

2   The thread of time,
the unrelenting hours, cannot hold you:
our lives are in your plan
from origin to end–
no scheme, no chance can thwart
the good that you intend:
for come what may, in all life’s twists and turns,
your love breaks through.

3   The years bring trials:
unnerving trials we strain to understand;
but pledges from your word,
and daily strength to cope,
and warm support from friends
combine to kindle hope,
till faith discerns the buffeting of love
and sees your hand.

4   So give us grace
to trust that in your love we stand secure;
and help us journey on
amid our joys and tears
until at last we reach
the goal of all our years:
the goal to which you called us from the first–
a faith mature.

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