No other prophet ever spoke

No other prophet ever spoke
so clearly to our race;
no bright and shining angel matched
the glory on his face;
through him the universe was made,
by him our debt for sin was paid—
in Christ, at last, we see in full
God’s splendour and God’s grace.

2. Majestic angels swiftly fly
on wings of wind and flame;
his servants’ servants, low they bend,
in honour of his name.
The Father’s precious Son is he,
the Lord from all eternity—
yet taking human flesh and blood
a baby he became.

3. His throne is built on righteousness,
established firm and sure;
the oil of joy anoints the one
who values what is pure!
The wonder of the Maker’s skill
is seen throughout creation still—
but when this age has run its course
his kingdom will endure.

4. God’s matchless power confirms that Christ
is all our life and light:
his word proclaims the solemn truth
dividing wrong from right,
and those who cast that word aside
are lost like driftwood on the tide—
but Jesus reigns eternally
in majesty and might!

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