The Son - His Name and Praise

Number Hymn Name Author
282All glory to God in the skyCharles Wesley 1707-88
283All hail the LambDave Bilbrough
281All hail the power of Jesus’ nameEdward Perronet 1726-92 and…
284All hail, King Jesus! All hail, ImmanuelDavid Moody
285All power to the Lamb of GodMartin E Leckebusch
286Almighty GodAustin Martin
287At the name of JesusCaroline M Noel 1817-77
1327Bless the Lord O my soulMatt Redman and Jonas Myrin
293Blessed be God our GodNick Needham
1218Born to be KingDavid Jackman
1072Called and named before your birthSimon Pedley
288Christ is the world’s light, he and none otherFred Pratt Green
289Christ is the world’s RedeemerAscribed to Columba…
290Christ the Word who spoke creationVeronica Zundel
291Christ triumphant, ever reigningMichael Saward
1018Christ, in very nature GodHilary Green
1102Come and join in the songMark and Helen Johnson
1085Come and listen to the songJames Young
1287Come, behold the wondrous mysteryMatt Boswell, Matt Papa and…
300Come, let us join our cheerful songsIsaac Watts 1674-1748
294Come, let us worship JesusGraham Kendrick
292Come, sing the praise of JesusJack C Winslow (1882-1974)
1314Come, you sinners, poor and needyJamie Brown
1078Every land in all creationSusie Hare
295Fairest Lord JesusM√ľnster Gesangbuch…
1079From the heights of glorySusie Hare
1200God of glory, God of graceColin Goldsworthy
296God the Word addressed the darknessJohn Tindall
1084God, loving ruler of our worldChristopher idle
1108Hallelujah, hallelujah!Emma Turl
297Hallelujah! Raise the anthemJob Hupton (1762-1849) and…
1295High in the heavens, exaltedJudy Gresham
298Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highestCarl Tuttle
299How sweet the name of Jesus soundsJohn Newton (1725-1807)
307How wonderful the works of GodJoseph Hart 1712-68
301I greet my sure Redeemer and my KingStrasbourg Psalter 1545 Trans.…
302Immortal honours rest on Jesus’ headWilliam Gadsby 1773-1844
1241In counsels of eternityWilliam Philip
303Into a world of war and struggleHazel Voss
304Jesus is the name we honourPhil Lawson Johnston
305Jesus shall take the highest honourChris A Bowater
306Jesus, eternal GodAndrew King
309Jesus, Jesus, all-sufficientWilliam Williams…
316Jesus, our hope, our hearts’ desireLatin 7th Century Trans. John…
310Jesus, the Everlasting WordJosiah Conder 1789-1855
1193Jesus, what a beautiful nameTanya Riches
311Jesus, you are the radiance of the Father’s gloryDavid Fellingham
308Jesus! Exalted far on highThomas Cotterill 1779-1823
312Join all the glorious namesIsaac Watts 1674-1748
1067King of Kings, majestyJarrod Cooper
1231King of the Ages, Almighty GodStuart Townend and Keith…
1306Let every soul worship the KingColin Webster and Phil Moore
313Let us love and sing and wonderVerses 1-3, 5: John Newton…
1296Lift up your eyes and look for himJudy Gresham
314Lord I lift your name on highRick Founds
1031Lord of the universeMargaret Clarkson 1915 –…
1137Lord, with all my heart I thank youEmma Turl
315Meekness and majestyGraham Kendrick
317Mighty God, while angels bless youRobert Robinson 1735-90
318My heart and voice I raiseBenjamin Rhodes 1743-1815
1305My hymn of praiseMatt Papa, Stuart Townend
319My Jesus, my SaviourDarlene Zschech
320Name of all majestyTimothy Dudley-Smith
321No other name but the name of JesusRobert Gay
322No other prophet ever spokeMartin E Leckebusch
323Not the grandeur of the mountainsMichael Perry 1942-96
324O for a thousand tongues to singCharles Wesley 1707-88
337O Jesus, King most wonderfulLatin 12th Century Trans.…
1280O my soul, arise and bless your MakerStuart Townend
1003O praise the LordChristopher Idle
325O the deep, deep love of JesusSamuel T Francis 1834-1925
326One there is above all othersJohn Newton 1725-1807
1225Only by the grace of JesusSusie Hare
1106Out from the gates of Celestial cityHarold Heath and Chris…
327Praise be to Christ in whom we seeTimothy Dudley-Smith
328Praise him, praise him! Jesus, our blessed RedeemerFrances J Van Alstyne…
329Priest and victim, Jesus diesMargaret Clarkson 1915 –…
330Released in praise we worship you, O LordArchie Hall
1048Set ten thousand voices singingColin Harris
331Songs of thankfulness and praiseChristopher Wordsworth…
332The brightness of God’s gloryMichael Perry 1942-96
333The Word was very GodChristopher Idle based on…
343There is a name I love to hearFrederick Whitfield 1829-1904
334There is a RedeemerMelody Green VV1-2 Keith Green…
335There’s no greater name than JesusMichael Baughen
336This is my beloved SonGraham Kendrick
1136Though one with God in form divineTimothy Dudley-Smith
1025Through centuries longTimothy Dudley-Smith
338To the name of our salvationLatin 15th Century Trans. John…
339True light, blazing in the darkest placeChristopher Idle
1050What if the One who shapes the starsDavid Mowbray
1317What love, my God, would bring you down to earthJONNY ROBINSON, MICHAEL FARREN…
1149When he comes again in splendourColin Harris
340Who can cheer the heart like JesusThoro Harris 1874-1955
341You are the King of gloryMavis Ford
342You servants of GodCharles Wesley 1707-88
1228You’re the word of God the FatherStuart Townend and Keith…
1268Your love is greater than the highest heights of heavenColin Webster