Through centuries long

Through centuries long the prophets of old
in story and song this promise foretold:
a Saviour anointed, a Sovereign supreme,
divinely appointed to rule and redeem.

2. In judgment and peace his power shall be shown,
his kingdom increase, his justice be known;
from nation to nation his reign shall extend
the hope of salvation and life without end.

3. He comes not in state with sceptre and crown,
with panoply great of rank or renown,
but choosing in weakness, his glory put by,
majestic in meekness, to serve and to die.

4. In mercy he came our burden to bear,
our sorrow and shame, our guilt and despair;
an outcast and stranger, he carried our loss
from Bethlehem’s manger to Calvary’s cross.

5. He rose from the grave, exalted again,
almighty to save, immortal to reign;
let sorrows be ended and joy be restored,
for Christ is ascended, for Jesus is Lord!

6. Then honour his Name, rejoice at his birth,
his wonders proclaim through all the wide earth!
the child of our story in Bethlehem’s stall
is reigning in glory, our God over all.

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