All power to the Lamb of God

All power to the lamb of God:
he wore the robes of servanthood
and in the place of weakness stood-
all power to the Lamb!

2. All riches to the Lamb of God
who came among us, one so poor,
to make us rich for evermore-
all riches to the Lamb!

3. All wisdom to the Lamb of God
who chose the way of suffering:
to status he refused to cling-
all wisdom to the Lamb!

4. And to the Lamb of God, all strength:
his love was strong enough to win,
defeating all the might of sin-
and to the Lamb, all strength!

5. All honour to the Lamb of God
who laid his honour far aside
when on a cross of shame he died-
all honour to the Lamb!

6. All glory to the Lamb of God:
his name above all others now;
let every knee before him bow-
all glory to the Lamb!

7. All praises to the Lamb of God,
for he is worthy, who was slain,
who now and evermore shall reign-
all praises to the Lamb!

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