Let every soul worship the King

who was crucified;
his glorious grace
covers our sin:
in him receive new life.
Protector of faith: shielded by grace,
held in your holiness;
redeemed from the grave—
our God will save!
Let every tongue confess:

Victorious! Victorious
is our God who reigns—
for ever Lord
Lift up his praise, tell of his worth:
Jesus came to seek and save the lost.

2. Ends of the earth, worship the Lord,
bow to his majesty.
Our God will provide,
will lead and will guide:
trust in his sovereignty.
The cross speaks of grace; risen he lives—
death has no hold on us!
We’re ransomed, redeemed,
forgiven and healed—
Christ is victorious!

Victorious! Victorious…

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