The Son - His Suffering and Death

Number Hymn Name Author
22Why, God, have you forsaken meBrian Foley 1919-2000
69ASave me, O God, I sink into the depthsJim Sayers
409Behold the amazing sight!Philip Doddridge 1702-51
410A purple robe, a crown of thornTimothy Dudley-Smith
411Alas! And did my Saviour bleedIsaac Watts 1674-1748
412Ah, holy Jesus, how have you offendedRobert Bridges 1844-1930,…
413Approach with awe this holiest placeTimothy Dudley-Smith
414At the cross of JesusJohn Eddison 1916 –…
415Come and see, come and seeGraham Kendrick
416Deep is the love of JesusOlive and Noel Allsup
417Give me a sight, O SaviourKatherine A M Kelly 1869-1942
418Go to dark GethsemaneJames Montgomery 1771-1854
419Hark! The voice of love and mercyJonathan Evans 1748-1809
420He stood before the courtChristopher Idle
421Glory be to JesusItalian c.1815 Trans. Edward…
422He was pierced for our transgressionsMaggi Dawn
423Higher than the hillsNorman J Clayton 1903-92
424Here is love, vast as the oceanWilliam Rees 1802-83 Trans.…
425His hands were pierced, the hands that madeD Wood
426How deep the Father’s love for usStuart Townend
427I will sing of the lambStuart Townend
428In silent pain the eternal SonChristopher Idle
429It is a thing most wonderfulWilliam W How 1823-97
430Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrificeMatt Redman
431Jesus in the olive groveFred Pratt Green
432King of my life, I crown you nowJennie E Hussey 1874-1958
433Man of sorrows! What a namePhilip P Bliss 1838-76
434My Lord, what love is thisGraham Kendrick
435O perfect life of love!Henry W Baker 1821-77
436No weight of gold or silverTimothy Dudley-Smith
437There is a green hill far awayCecil Frances Alexander…
438O love divine! What have you done?Charles Wesley 1707-88
439O sacred head once woundedPaulus Gerhardt 1607-76, From…
440O teach me, Lord, its meaningLucy A Bennett 1850-1927
441O the love that drew salvation’s planWilliam R Newell
442Sing, my tongue, the glorious battleVenantius Fortunatus…
443Stricken, smitten, and afflictedThomas Kelly 1769-1855
444There is a fountain filled with bloodWilliam Cowper 1731-1800,…
445Throned upon the awful treeJohn Ellerton 1826-93
446Through all our days, we’ll sing the praiseMichael Saward
447We sing the praise of him who diedThomas Kelly 1769-1855
448Were you there when they crucified my Lord?North American Folk Hymn
449What kind of love is thisBryn Haworth Sally Haworth
450When you prayed beneath the treesChristopher Idle
451Who believes what we have heardChristopher Idle
452Yes, finished! The Messiah diesCharles Wesley 1707-88
453When I survey the wondrous crossIsaac Watts 1674-1748
1008O what richesColin Goldsworthy
1015I cannot know the loveAndrew Lane
1017Lord, from the splendour of heaven you cameGill Berry
1022Love was outpouredJ Alec Motyer
1026The only power that cleanses meSusie Hare
1027Who, for my sakeSusie Hare
1034Up to the hills I lift my eyesEmma Turl
1041Forsaken, did you cry aloud?Emma Turl
1056God gave his sonStephen Crowter
1064Lord Jesus Christ, we come to youColin Harris
1068See the cross of CalvarySusie Hare
1071All was dark before creationGraham Oakes
1072Called and named before your birthSimon Pedley
1074What can compare to this?Simon Sadler
1079From the heights of glorySusie Hare
1083It was the winter wildStanley Ablewhite
1084God, loving ruler of our worldChristopher idle
1088See the Father’s love made knownEmma Turl
1091The Saviour comesEmma Turl
1097God of the trackless skiesJenny Wakely 1944-2014
1099O God of our humanityGraham Oakes
1106Out from the gates of Celestial cityHarold Heath and Chris…
1128No greater love was ever shownSusie Hare
1130Lamb of GodJudy Gresham
1136Though one with God in form divineTimothy Dudley-Smith
1141You give us so much: a world to enjoyMartin E Leckebusch
1143You have not come to Sinai’s mountPeter J Ninnis
1171Ah, the bloodstained cross of JesusMartin E Leckebusch
1174Light of the world, true light divineTimothy Dudley-Smith
1178He said, the Spirit of the LordChristopher Idle
1188O, to see the dawnStuart Townend and Keith…
1190To see the King of Heaven fallKeith Getty and Stuart…
1227The powers of kingsChris Idle
1251I will offer up my lifeMatt Redman
1259Have you believed the message received?Mark Peterson
1262On the cross, on the crossGeoff Baker
1263What love could remember no wrongs we have doneMatt Boswell & Matt Papa
1265For the cause of Christ the KingStuart Townend, Keith &…
1267Son of God, holy oneMatt Rushby
1268Your love is greater than the highest heights of heavenColin Webster
1273Joy has dawned upon the worldKeith Getty and Stuart…
1274Alas, and did my Saviour bleedOriginal words: Isaac Watts…
1276O Lord, my Rock and my RedeemerNathan Stiff
1278O Church arise, and put your armour onStuart Townend and Keith…
1279From the squalor of a borrowed stableStuart Townend
1285Turn your eyes upon JesusBased on ‘O soul, are you…
1287Come, behold the wondrous mysteryMatt Boswell, Matt Papa and…
1289See Jesus stripped of majestyColin Webster, Phil Moore and…
1291Creator GodBen Slee
1294No greater loveAndy Clark
1295High in the heavens, exaltedJudy Gresham
1297What kind of king?Matt Osgood
1304Out of the depths I cry to youJordan Kauflin, Keith Getty,…
1305My hymn of praiseMatt Papa, Stuart Townend
1306Let every soul worship the KingColin Webster and Phil Moore
1314Come, you sinners, poor and needyJamie Brown
1317What love, my God, would bring you down to earthJONNY ROBINSON, MICHAEL FARREN…
1318How I love the voice of Jesus – It was finishedJONNY ROBINSON, RICH THOMPSON…