King of my life, I crown you now

King of my life, I crown you now,
yours shall the glory be;
lest I forget your thorn-crowned brow,
lead me to Calvary.

Lest I forget Gethsemane,
lest I forget your agony,
lest I forget your love for me,
lead me to Calvary.

2. Show me the tomb where you were laid,
tenderly mourned and wept:
angels, in robes of light arrayed,
guarded you while you slept.

3. Let me, like Mary, through the gloom,
come with a gift for you;
show to me now the empty tomb,
tell me the news is true.

4. So may I learn my cross to bear
daily and willingly;
even your cup of grief to share:
you have borne all for me.

5. Fill me, O Lord, with one desire;
may I your witness be;
then touch my lips with holy fire,
to speak of Calvary.

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