It was the winter wild

It was the winter wild,
when the heaven-born child,
so small a creature
in a manger lies.
The heavens and nature bow;
there lies their Master now
in warming straw
and tender human hands.

2. This Master, too, we know,
with nature’s sun or snow;
we worship him, and welcome him,
God’s Word,
who stares in meek surprise
into his mother’s eyes,
as she smiles down
at her creator, Lord.

3. We share the manger scene;
but far beyond discern
the lonely way,
the life he lived to die;
that on the bitter cross,
he must redeem our loss,
so both himself and us
to glorify.

4. God’s promises fulfilled,
the doors are opened wide,
his great storehouse
of blessings we explore.
How infinite the One,
how intimate the voice
that says, ‘Be still and know
that I am God.’

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