Save me, O God, I sink into the depths

Save me, O God, I sink into the depths,
the waters rise;
my eyes are sore in searching for my God
with weary cries;
for no good cause my countless foes combine
to punish me for crimes that were not mine.

2. Let none of those who seek you fall away
because of me;
I am a stranger to my mother’s sons,
my family;
scorned for your sake, consumed for your
great name,
made sport for those who mock me in my shame.

3. Answer, O Lord, come quickly to redeem,
reveal your grace;
in miry depths, when floods engulf my soul,
hide not your face;
lost and alone, in deep disgrace I sink,
they feed me gall, with vinegar to drink.

4. Those who plot harm are captured in the snare
that they have laid;
their lives cut short, their home an empty house,
their fame will fade;
your justice comes, your holy law condemns,
your book of life will not include their names.

5. Gladly I’ll sing to glorify God’s name
in thankful praise;
he hears the poor and needy when they cry
through all their days;
leading them home to settle in his land,
his people saved by his almighty hand.

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