You have not come to Sinai’s mount

You have not come to sinai’s mount
with fear of condemnation;
but you have come to heaven’s height,
with angels’ jubilation!
For all God’s wrath from broken law,
the terror of his power,
was borne by Christ high on the cross
in his most aweful hour.

2.   You have not come to Sinai’s mount,
dark skies, by tempest riven;
but you have joined the firstborn sons
of God, enrolled in heaven!
So grace, not law, now rules your life,
and God the Judge, is smiling;
for Christ has died, high on the cross,
and purged all sin’s defiling.

3.   You have not come to hear the voice
that terrifies and thunders;
for you have come, with all the just
to taste God’s gospel wonders;
to Jesus and his sprinkled blood
that speaks a peaceful story–
no condemnation now from God,
but pardon, grace and glory.

4.   So live no more at Sinai’s mount
where words of wrath are ringing.
but rise with faith, and take your place
among the saints, with singing;
the feast is spread, the grace is free,
God offers you his favour.
Yes, live! rejoice with festal joy!
and glory in the Saviour!

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