The Church

Number Hymn Name Author
640A feast of joy unspeakable is spreadMalcolm Macgregor
641According to your gracious wordJames Montgomery 1771-1854
617All earth was dark until you spokeJohn Daniels and Phil Thomson
592All-creating heavenly giverMichael Saward
642Among us our beloved standsCharles H Spurgeon 1834-92
600Approach my soul, the mercy-seatJohn Newton 1725-1807
1283As morning dawns and day awakesMatt Merker, Jordan Kauflin…
565As we are gathered, Jesus is hereJohn Daniels
601As we come before you to prayMalcolm Macgregor
1269Awake, awake, O ZionNathan Fellingham
635Baptized in waterMichael Saward
634Baptized in water for our LordPaul Sayer
636Baptized into Christ JesusChristopher Idle
566Be stillDavid J Evans
1118Behold the lambKeith and Kristyn Getty and…
602Behold the throne of graceJohn Newton 1725-1807
564Behold, the mountain of the LordMichael Bruce 1746-67
581Beloved, let us love: For love is of GodHoratius Bonar 1808-89
1119Beneath the cross of JesusKeith and Kristyn Getty
587Blessed be the tie that bindsJohn Fawcett 1740-1817
644Bread of heaven, on you we feedJosiah Conder 1789-1855
643Bread of the world in mercy brokenReginald Heber 1783-1826
645By Christ redeemed, in Christ restoredGeorge Rawson 1807-89
567Christ is made the sure foundationLatin 7th Century Trans John…
593Christ, from whom all blessings flowCharles Wesley 1707-88
568Church of God, elect and gloriousJames Seddon 1915-83
1101Church of Jesus, church expressingEmma Turl
582Come and bless us, Lord! While you are beside usDieter Trautwein Trans.
580Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwellIsaac Watts 1674-1748
583Come, let us join our friends aboveCharles Wesley 1707-88
603Come, my soul, your plea prepareJohn Newton 1725-1807
649Come, O everlasting SpiritCharles Wesley 1707-88
1152Come, people of the risen KingStuart Townend, Keith and…
618Facing a task unfinishedFrank Houghton 1894-1972
584Farewell, friend(s) in ChristDavid Mowbray
594Father and God, from whom the world derivesChristopher Idle
1249Father, God of missionJim Sayers
569Father, we adore youPhil Lawson Johnston
646Father, we give you thanks, who plantedFrom the Didache, Greek 2nd…
585For all the saints, who from their labours restWilliam W How 1823-97
1265For the cause of Christ the KingStuart Townend, Keith &…
1204From small beginnings in the pastChristopher M Idle
619From the sun’s risingGraham Kendrick
595Give me the faith which can removeCharles Wesley 1707-88
1019Give thanks to God and honour thoseTimothy Dudley-Smith
570Glorious things of you are spokenJohn Newton 1725-1807
620Glory to God, the source of all our missionChristopher Idle
616Go forth and tell! O church of God, awakeJames Seddon 1915-83
1020God gives a new beginningTimothy Dudley-Smith
621God of the world’s great citiesChristopher Idle
622God’s word to God’s world! In one name aloneChristopher Idle
623Good news of God aboveTimothy Dudley-Smith
1104Good news throughout the worldColin Harris
1212Grace is the gift that God aloneChristopher Idle
596Great God, your love has called us hereBrian Wren
607Great Shepherd of your people, hear!John Newton 1725-1807
647He gave his life in selfless loveChris Porteous
571Head of your church triumphantCharles Wesley 1707-88
1272Hear the call of the KingdomKeith Getty, Kristyn Getty and…
648Here, O my Lord, may I behold your faceHoriatus Bonar 1808-89
604Holy Spirit, will you beMartin E Leckebusch
633How beautiful their feetIsaac Watts 1674-1748
624How shall they hear the word of GodMichael Perry 1942-96
605How weak my spirit is, O LordPaul Sayer
650I come with joy, a child of GodBrian Wren
651I hunger and I thirstJ S B Monsell 1811-75
652In memory of the Saviour’s loveThomas Cotterill 1779-1823
653Jesus invites his saintsIsaac Watts 1674-1748
572Jesus, come, for we invite youChristopher Idle
637Jesus, how could I ever beJoseph Grigg c. 1720-68 and…
606Jesus, O sovereign Lord of allCharles Wesley 1707-88
625Jesus, the name high over allCharles Wesley 1707-88
586Let love be found among usMartin E Leckebusch
608Lord Jesus Christ, we seek your faceAlexander Stewart 1843-1923
609Lord Jesus, when your people meetWilliam Cowper 1731-1800
1073Lord, for our world which straysGraham Oakes
610Lord, teach us how to pray arightJames Montgomery 1771-1854
626Love songs from heaven are filling the earthNoel Richards Tricia Richards
1087May God be graciousEmma Turl
1145May the peace of God our Heavenly FatherStuart Townend and Keith…
654My God, now is your table spreadPhilip Doddridge 1702-51
573O Christ, the great foundationDaniel T Niles 1908-1970
1092O Christ, you are the builderEmma Turl
1278O Church arise, and put your armour onStuart Townend and Keith…
1198O God of grace and mercyPeter Ninnis
1077O God of our salvationTimothy Dudley-Smith
655O God, your mercy, moved by loveJ Alec Motyer
1264O how good it isStuart Townend, Keith &…
611O Lord, our guardian and our guideIsaac Williams 1802-65
656O sacrifice of CalvaryMichael Saward
1055O what gloryHugh J Thomson
574One holy Apostolic churchJames Seddon 1915-83
575Onward! Christian SoldiersS Baring-Gould 1834-1924
1070Our Father, who art in heavenThe Lord’s Prayer
612Prayer is the soul’s sincere desireJames Montgomery 1771-1854
597Preachers of the God of graceChristopher Idle
1081Risen Christ, your living presenceMartin Scott
657Shepherd of souls, refresh and blessVerses 1 and 2 Collection of…
576Should I rehearse with human voiceJohn L Bell and Graham Maule
588Singing songs of expectationS Baring-Gould 1834-1924 Based…
658Sit down beneath his shadowFrances R Havergal 1836-79
662Sweet feast of Love DivineEdward Denny 1796-1889
1076Take my life, move my heartNorman Phillips
627Tell all the world of JesusJames Seddon 1915-83
628Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord!Timothy Dudley-Smith
598Thank you, Lord, for gifts of teachingAndrew King
577The church’s one foundationSamuel J Stone 1839-1900
599The gifts we bring express our loveBrian Hoare
1247The Lord called MosesChristopher Idle
638The servants of God are baptizedNick Needham
613There is an eye that never sleepsJohn A Wallace 1802-70
629These are the facts as we have received themMichael Saward
590They lack no friends, who have your loveRichard Baxter 1615-91
589Turn our heartsGraham Kendrick
630We all are one in missionRusty Edwards
631We believe in God AlmightyAndrew King
659We come as guests invitedTimothy Dudley-Smith
578We come before our Fathers’ GodThomas H Gill 1819-1906
632We have a Gospel to proclaimEdward Burns
591We need each other’s voice to singThomas H Troeger From New…
1094We sing of fruitful harvestsGraham Oakes
1180We who know the Lord is graciousCyril Argentine Alington in…
1122We, we are God’s peoplePhilip Percival
614What a friend we have in JesusJoseph M Scriven 1819-86
1181What joy, when all the talkChristopher Idle
615What various hindrances we meetWilliam Cowper 1731-1800
1035When clouds block out the way to GodStephen Crowter
639When Jesus died upon the crossPeter Misselbrook
1040Where is Elijah’s God?Colin Harris
660While the bread is yet unbrokenJohn Thomas Norwood 1934-2005
661With this bread we will remember himGeoff Baker
1194You are bread, you are lifeMartin Leckebusch
1143You have not come to Sinai’s mountPeter J Ninnis
579Your hand, O God, has guidedEdward H Plumptre 1821-91