Head of your church triumphant

Head of your church triumphant,
we joyfully adore you!
Till you appear
your members here
shall sing with those in glory.
We lift our hearts and voices
in glad anticipation
and cry aloud
and give to God
all praise for our salvation.

2. Our Saviour we acknowledge
who spoke in flame and thunder,
and loudly sing
our conquering King
in songs of joy and wonder.
In every day’s deliverance
our Jesus we discover;
this, this is he
who struck the sea
and led us safely over!

3. While in affliction’s furnace
and passing through the fire,
your love we praise
which knows our days
and ever leads us higher.
We clap our hands exulting
in your almighty favour;
on us you shine
with love divine
which made us yours for ever.

4. By faith we see the glory
to which you will restore us;
the world despise
for that high prize
which you have set before us.
And if you count us worthy,
we each, as dying Stephen,
shall see you stand
at God’s right hand
to take us up to heaven.

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