We believe in God Almighty

We believe in God almighty,
who the heavens and earth has made,
Father, who in power created
all things, hidden and displayed.
We believe in one Lord, Jesus,
God’s unique and only Son,
God from God, not made- begotten,
with the Father truly one.

2. He through whom all things have being,
he who was when time began,
he came down to earth from heaven,
by the Spirit born as man.
For us men and our salvation
entered he the virgin’s womb
for our sake the cross he suffered,
died, was laid within the tomb.

3. We believe he rose the third day,
as the Scriptures testified,
he ascended to the Father,
sat to reign at his right side.
He who once did come in weakness
will in glory come again;
he shall judge both dead and living
and as King eternal reign.

4. We believe in God the Spirit,
giver of all life, the Lord,
equal with the Son and Father,
who through prophets spoke his word.
In one holy church believing,
once baptized, our sins forgiven,
one great hope sustains and feeds us-
we shall rise and live in heaven!

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