They lack no friends, who have your love

They lack no friends, who have your love
and may converse and walk with you,
and with your saints here, and above
where we with them shall be made new.

2. In the communion of your saints
is wisdom, safety and delight;
and when my heart declines and faints
they raise it by their heat and light.

3. As for my friends, they are not lost;
the many vessels of your fleet,
though parted now, by tempests tossed,
shall safely in the haven meet.

4. Still we are centred all in you,
members, though distant, of one head;
one family above, below,
by the same faith and Spirit led.

5. Before your throne we daily meet
as joint-petitioners to you;
in spirit we each other greet
and one day we shall meet anew.

6. The heavenly hosts, world without end,
shall be my company above,
and Christ, my best and surest friend-
who shall divide me from your love?

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